1. What is Flairvoyant?

Flairvoyant is a social shopping community dedicated to helping you find the most amazing products. Our featured selections are sourced across the Internet, allowing you to find the best items all in one place.

Join us to access the most premium selection of products.

2. Where do the products on Flairvoyant come from?

Our products are selected from online retailers across the Internet. Members are inspired by amazing products they come across while surfing the web. Our trending page displays the most popular products our community is sharing. Anytime a user hits the "Flair!" button, an item is up voted on the trending page. You'll be able to view the most desired items across the Internet all from one place.

The activity within the Flairvoyant community provides insight into the most amazing products available. Shop and acquire amazing products.

Flairvoyant provides exclusive access to the best products available. Take a look at products that are currently trending here.

3. Who selects the products?

The products are selected by Flairvoyant members who have their eyes peeled for the most amazing products out there. Our trending products page allows users to see products popular among community members. No longer will you need to scour the Internet to discover cool products. Our trending page and popular collections will allow you to discover amazing products from one place.

4. How does Flairvoyant work?

Each member of the Flairvoyant community will be able to create a list of products they source online. The Flairvoyant allows members to add products they come across while browsing the web. Additionally, users can copy and paste the URL of a page (featuring a product of interest) and have the product uploaded to Flairvoyant for the community to discover. Adding an item to a collection allows members to share products within the Flairvoyant community. Other members can add the product by clicking on the "Flair!" button and they can also "Like" the product.

The most popular products added to member collections are displayed on the trending page. Users have access to a selection of amazing products that have the most "Flair!" hits and the most number of "Likes".

Community members can follow collections curated by each member. Explore and browse the selections of those who have similar tastes and appreciation for products and design. Additionally, search products based on hashtags assigned by members of the Flairvoyant community.

Be active in the community and "Flair!" products or follow other Flairvoyants today! Join a community dedicated to finding the most amazing products available online!

5. Why would I use Flairvoyant?

Flairvoyant provides discovery of the most amazing products. Our active community has its eyes peeled for the most amazing products available. If you want the best the world has to offer, join today!

6. How does the community interact?

The Flairvoyant community is dedicated to helping members discover amazing products. Hashtags and correct labeling of products, including store name and product name, is important to help the community achieve its goals. Relevant content labeling is a core part of the community interaction. Spamming and misrepresenting a product via non relevant keywords can be damaging to community interaction. If you find inappropriate use or content, please contact us at support@flairvoyant.com.

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