1. What happens when I "Like" a product?

Community members hit "Like" when they like a product. The button will display how many members liked the product and this determines how popular the product is. The trending page displays products based on popularity, which is determined by the number of "Likes" and "Flairs!".

2. What happens when I "Flair!" a product?

When members hit the "Flair!" button, the product can be saved under a category assigned by the user. Hashtags can be used to provide additional information on the product and the product is saved under the user's feed. A confirmation will show up at the top when a product is successfully shared within the community. Members can create their own feeds for the community to follow. Under "My Feeds" a member can view the items that they have hit the "Flair!" button on.

3. What are all the options on the toolbar?

Below is an overview of each button on the toolbar:

Trending - This button leads to the trending page and showcases the most amazing items deemed by the community.

My Feeds - All items that a user has hit the "Flair!" button on are stored under My Feeds.

Blog - keep up with the community

Add Product - contribute to the Flairvoyant community by sharing amazing products you've found online.

Stores - take a look at the stores that offer products on Flairvoyant

Search - search across the best product selections provided by the Flairvoyant community

Account - manage your account info

My Profile: view your profile and see what other members see

Settings: change your avatar, username and contact info

Find & Invite Friends: invite your friends to join the Flairvoyant community

Log Out

Other features that you'll come across:

Find People

Interact with other members of the Flairvoyant community and find community members with similar taste to follow. Discover new products by following active community members.

Find Stores

Find stores with a selection of products featured on Flairvoyant. This is where we find the most amazing products online!

4. Where do the products come from?

The products come from the best online retailers! Products are discovered by community members when they are browsing online. Shop owners can also post their items so members can search through their selections.

5. Are all products available for purchase?

Although most items are available for direct purchase online, there are items that are of limited quantity or out of stock. When a user hits "Buy", Flairvoyant will direct you to the site which will be updated based on the stock of that specific retailer. If a product is no longer available, users can click on the "report a product" link to take it down.

6. What if I come across an inappropriate product?

Under product details, members can report a product and have it taken down. You can contact us at support@flairvoyant.com.

7. What happens when I follow another Flairvoyant?

The community members followed will be listed in each members account. Track the items you've stored under personal collections (on items you've hit the "Flair!" button on) and products "Liked" by the members you follow.

8. How do I report inappropriate users?

Go to the account profile of the user and at the bottom there is a report button. We will look into the account activity of inappropriate users. You can also email us at support@flairvoyant.com.

9. Can I make my feed private?

Not at this time.

10. What happens when I follow a store?

There will be a page where a list of all stores you follow will be displayed. Members can browse the stores they follow all on one page.

11. How do I know if a featured store on Flairvoyant is safe to order from?

If you find a product from a store you feel is unsafe to order from, please contact us. If you experience issues with a store featured on Flairvoyant, email us at support@flairvoyant.com.

12. How can I share an item?

You can also directly share an item on Facebook or email by clicking on the share options at the top right corner.

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