1. Register: create an account

Click on the link to sign up. There are two options: you can either sign up with your email address or login with Facebook. If you login with Facebook, you will be able to share directly with Facebook friends.

2. Explore: browse amazing products on Flairvoyant

Browse items on our Trending page or view products listed under member collections. Our Like button shows how many community members liked a product. Our "Flair!" button allows members to add products to their own personal collections and add additional information, such as hashtags, to allow other community members to discover amazing products.

3. Post: amazing products you come across

If you come across an amazing product while surfing the web, make sure to "Flair!" it by clicking the Flair! bookmarklet or by submitting the URL to the uploads page. The item will be saved with the store name, item name, price, and description. The Flairvoyant member can add hashtags and assign the product to one of the categories in their feed.

4. Shop: purchase from a premium selection of products

The active Flairvoyant community is dedicated to helping each other find the most amazing products online. Use our search bar to search for the most amazing products. On the product details page, there will be a "Buy" button allowing members to purchase the product. This button will link directly to the online retailer and users will be able to procure the items directly from the retailer.

5. Share: share the products you discover.

Link to your feeds on Flairvoyant and encourage others to join to get an even larger community of people in on sourcing and curating the most amazing products online.

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