Flairvoyant ("Flairvoyant.com", "We", "Us", "Our", "the site") wishes to inform users on how we keep personally identifiable information secure. We understand the importance of keeping personally identifiable information secure. The following outlines our practices and procedures. Our Privacy Policy may be updated and we will notify users via email. By using Flairvoyant.com, you have agreed to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@flairvoyant.com.


For each user account that is created, we collect personally identifiable information on the name, user name, avatar photo, email and other account details submitted by each user. User information may also be transferred via the credentials provided via third party login services, such as Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, we collect the activity of each user as they interact with the site. The activity we collect includes clicks on any of the buttons ("Likes", "Flair!", "Follow") and links on Flairvoyant.com. We may also collect information on IP, location, and Flairvoyant.com browsing history. Any user submitted information, such as links and images collected via our bookmarklet and submission page, are collected and stored.

We may collect information via a cookie file that will provide us info on your internet usage. This file will be stored on your hard drive and will provide insight into how we can improve our services. You may refuse the cookie file by selecting the setting within your browser settings.

We also collect non identifying information, such as browser type, device type, and other website interactions. The information on usage is not personally identifiable and is used to enhance services.


Flairvoyant utilizes user information to authenticate users, to deliver a more optimal user experience and to suggest the most relevant and interesting products. We aim to provide the optimal product discovery experience by utilizing input from a community of users. Usage information helps us fine tune the product selection so more users can discover amazing products. The social activities on Flairvoyant, such as user clicks on the "Like", "Flair!" and "Follow" buttons, allow us to deliver a premium product selection.

Users of Flairvoyant.com will be able to see username, avatar photo and product collections, however, they will not have access to email information. The site is available to the public and the information posted onto the user profile page will be available publicly. We are not responsible for the activities of third parties who utilize the public information.

Email addresses will be used to notify users of any changes to their account, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Additionally, we will send emails to encourage users to discover relevant products featured on Flairvoyant.com. Any email correspondence with our support team will be collected and may be used to improve our services. If you would like unsubscribe from all emails, please contact us at support@flairvoyant.com.

We do not have control over the activities of the third party login services or the sites that we link to outside the Flairvoyant.com domain. Although we link to many third party sites, we do not have control over the activity and policy of those sites. Additionally, we are not affiliated with the third party sites that we link to or feature products from. At this time, we do not share any personally identifiable information collected on Flairvoyant.com with any third party.

Non identifiable information is used in the aggregate to improve our services and we do not look at such data on the individual user level. Information on browser type, device type, and referral source is analyzed statistically to enhance our site quality and service.


We do our best to make sure user account information is privately held in secure servers, however, we cannot guarantee complete security of the information collected on Flairvoyant.com. In case there is a breach in privacy, we will notify the user and secure the account until we can confirm the authorized user. We do not disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party at this time.


We will disclose information to comply with legal obligations and to enforce our Terms of Use. If our Terms of Use are breached, we reserve the right to disclose the information for legal purposes.


Users have access to changing their account information under account settings

If you would like to delete your account, please contact us at support@flairvoyant.com. The information from the account will be deleted from our records and the account will no longer be displayed publicly.


If you have any questions or concerns over the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please contact us at support@flairvoyant.com.

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